First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for considering me to support you on this journey. If you do choose to work with me, I am happy to give you a call to chat through my options. I hope that I can find something that fits with your requirements and budget.

Hypnobirthing or Antenatal (or both?)

I teach the Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing programme, which is a course designed for birthing parents and their partners. We will explore the benefits of a gentle birth for you and your baby as well as look at your birth partner’s role during labour. The techniques that you will learn can be used to manage anxiety, and bring a moment of calm. You will make the best decisions when you are feeling calm and in control. We will also think about choices that you can make, cover basic antenatal terminology, and think about creating the best birth for you as an individual.

Alongside the hypnobirthing course, I also offer full ante-natal education to ensure that you go into your birth feeling as prepared as you can be. My courses are evidence based, and aim to empower birthing parents. I keep the class sizes small so that there is plenty of time for discussion and questions.

When I had my first child I found that the courses were expensive, and there was a lack of up to date information out there. My hypnobirthing teacher was fantastic, and I loved this course. It helped me a lot during my labour and birth. However, I have learnt so much since having my baby that would have been key during my labour and birth. This is why I decided to offer both courses; so that parents to be can have the choice that is right for them.

What course is right for me?

I would suggest doing the combined Antenatal Education and Hypnobirthing course, however I know that there are many reasons why you may choose another provider. For this reason I also offer both of these courses in isolation. you can join either one of mine in isolation, short courses, or private bespoke sessions.

See below for details of my upcoming courses, or contact me to discuss your needs.